Considering…Alien: Covenant

aliencovenantOkay. I am officially in full deep-dive mode on Prometheus and Alien: Covenant as we go into the final couple of weeks leading up to the latter film’s release.

Originally, I had a lot of problems with Prometheus and have spent that last couple of years visiting and revisiting the story to try and find that place where I can enjoy it without getting angry. I love a mystery but so many questions left unanswered in an unsatisfactory way just leaves a bad taste in your mouth no matter how you slice it. Promises, however, have been made that many of the answers we, as fans, have been seeking for the last 5 years will be addressed and from what I have seen of early promotional material this may actually be the case.

I am actually hoping that, like Prometheus before it, Covenant‘s trailer might be overplaying it’s alien scariness and heart thumping tension. Not that I don’t want some good ol’ xenomorph eviscerations, I am just hoping that Scott couples that with some good ol’ exposition and continues his exploration of this universe and the origins of life as we know it that he began in Prometheus.

I plan on watching Prometheus at least one more time before going to see Covenant and I feel as though I may enjoy it more armed with the knowledge that I have now.

One of those bits of knowledge is this new prologue 20th Century Fox has released which acts as a bridge to the two films and reunites us with the characters of Elizabeth Shaw and David. I took great pleasure from watching this clip and am curious what you guys think of it, how it connects the dots between the two movies, what you are most looking forward to with Covenant, and what your thoughts are on Prometheus?



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